The Americas LNG Cluster

The Americas, spanning from the icy landscapes of Canada to the southern tip of Chile, offers a diversified landscape for the LNG industry. With vast natural gas resources in North America and rising energy needs in Central and South America, The Americas LNG Cluster works to capitalize on these dynamics, emphasizing cooperation, sustainable extraction, and efficient distribution across the continents.

Investing in Northwest Mexico

There are a number of benefits to investing in Northwest Mexico LNG Projects. These include:
  • Abundant natural gas resources: The region has abundant natural gas resources, which can be used to feed the LNG export facilities.
  • Proximity to the United States and Asia: The region is located close to the United States and Asia, two of the world's largest LNG markets. This provides easy access to these markets and their customers.
  • Competitive costs: The region has competitive costs for labor, land, and infrastructure. This can help to reduce the overall cost of the LNG projects.
  • Favorable government policies: The Mexican government has been supportive of the LNG industry and has implemented policies that are favorable to investors.
  • Strategic location: The region is located strategically close to the Texas and New Mexico basins, which are two of the largest natural gas producing regions in the United States. This provides the Northwest Mexico LNG Projects with a reliable source of natural gas supply.
  • Reduced congestion: The Northwest Mexico LNG Projects are located outside of the Panama Canal, which is currently experiencing congestion due to drought and increased demand. This can help to reduce shipping costs and delays for LNG exports from the region.