Tenders and Procurement

Why Choose Our Platform?

  1. Global Outreach: With our vast network of industry professionals, your tenders receive global visibility, ensuring a wider pool of potential bidders.
  2. Trusted by Industry Leaders: Leading LNG companies trust our platform for their procurement needs because of our consistent track record of transparency and efficiency.
  3. Streamlined Process: Our digital platform ensures that the entire process from listing to finalizing the contract is smooth and hassle-free.

Tenders & Procurement

  • Listing Fee: $50 per tender.
  • Success Fee: % of the deal value (charged to the company that secures the deal)
  • Benefits:
  • Connect buyers and sellers in the LNG industry.
  • Ensure a transparent and efficient procurement process.
  • Enhance business opportunities for members.

How It Works:

  • List Your Tender Open or Discreet: Submit your tender details, project scope, requirements, and deadlines. Our team will review and post it promptly.
  • Receive Bids: Qualified professionals and companies from our network will bid on your project.
  • Evaluate & Award: Review the bids, engage with the bidders if needed, and award the contract to the most suitable candidate or company.

Benefits for Bidders

  • Access to Premium Opportunities: From small projects to large-scale contracts, find a variety of opportunities that match your expertise.
  • Transparent Process: Our platform's design ensures a clear and transparent bidding process, so you're always in the know.
  • Networking: Engage with industry professionals and companies, and build long-lasting relationships.
LNG Cluster

Open or Discreet Tender & Procurement

Here's a list of items and opportunities that could be bid on discreetly:

  • Land & Site Acquisitions: Locations for new plants, storage facilities, or strategic points for distribution.
  • LNG Project Investment Tenders: Opportunities for investors to finance new projects, expansions, or upgrades.
  • Equipment Procurement:
    • Liquefaction and regasification equipment
    • Storage tanks and containment systems
    • Vaporizers and compressors
    • Pumps and transfer arms
    • Safety and monitoring equipment
  • LNG Supply Contracts: Long-term or short-term contracts for the supply of LNG from producers to consumers, or between trading entities.
  • Ship Chartering and Leasing: For the transportation of LNG, especially when considering the specialized nature of LNG carriers.
  • Technology Licensing: Licensing new technologies or processes related to the LNG chain, from extraction to consumption.
  • Infrastructure Development: Bids for constructing pipelines, terminals, and other logistical assets.
  • Joint Venture Partnerships: Forming partnerships for exploration, production, or distribution projects where the specifics of the partnership might be sensitive.
  • Research & Development Projects: Funding or partnering on R&D endeavors to innovate within the LNG industry.
  • Human Resources: Hiring for sensitive or high-level positions that companies might not want to publicize widely.
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessments: Contracting third-party entities to evaluate the potential environmental or social impacts of an LNG project.
  • Security and Risk Management Services: Engaging providers for the security of facilities, assets, and operations.
  • Consultancy Contracts: Hiring expert consultants for strategic, technical, or financial guidance without publicizing the specifics of the engagement.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Potential mergers or acquisitions of companies, assets, or stakes in projects which require discretion during the initial negotiation phases.