LNG Cluster Sponsors: An Integral Partnership

At the heart of LNG Cluster's success and expansive reach is a strong network of sponsors. These sponsors, hailing from diverse sectors and scales, have recognized the potential and significance of the LNG industry. By supporting the cluster's endeavors, they not only reinforce their commitment to a sustainable energy future but also align themselves with innovation, excellence, and growth in the LNG sector.

Become an sponsor.

You can sponsor events, newsletter, publications, jobs and our training programs. You choose what is the best option for your sponsorship.

Benefits of Being an LNG Cluster Sponsor

  • Branding & Visibility: Sponsors enjoy premium branding opportunities across LNG Cluster events, publications, and digital platforms, ensuring their name is synonymous with industry leadership.
  • Access to Network: Sponsors gain exclusive access to the LNG Cluster's vast network of industry experts, companies, investors, and government bodies.
  • Exclusive Insights: Stay ahead of industry trends with firsthand insights, research data, and analytics made available exclusively to sponsors.
  • Customized Workshops & Trainings: Tailored programs to educate sponsors about the latest in the LNG industry, ensuring they remain at the forefront of knowledge.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Align your brand with sustainability, innovation, and global energy solutions, enhancing corporate image and stakeholder trust.

How to Become an LNG Cluster Sponsor

  • Expression of Interest: Potential sponsors can reach out to the LNG Cluster's partnership team, expressing their interest in sponsorship opportunities.
  • Choose a Sponsorship Tier: LNG Cluster offers various sponsorship tiers, each with its set of benefits, deliverables, and investment. Review and select a tier that aligns with your company's objectives and budget.
  • Customization: Depending on the sponsorship tier and specific company needs, a customized sponsorship package can be curated, ensuring maximum value is derived.
  • Documentation & Agreement: Once terms are finalized, an official sponsorship agreement is signed, sealing the partnership.
  • Onboarding & Integration: The sponsor is then integrated into the LNG Cluster's ecosystem. This includes brand placements, access provisioning, and orientation sessions.
  • Regular Updates & Engagement: Throughout the sponsorship duration, regular updates are provided, ensuring sponsors are informed of all developments, opportunities, and outcomes.
  • Feedback & Renewal: As the sponsorship period nears its end, feedback sessions help assess the partnership's impact. Renewal options are discussed, and sponsors can choose to continue or upgrade their engagement.