Suppliers form the backbone of the LNG industry's operational excellence, ensuring that the essential materials, equipment, and services are readily available. Within the LNG Cluster, suppliers span a vast spectrum, catering to diverse needs, from specialized machinery to safety equipment, and ensuring the industry's seamless functioning.

LNG Cluster

  • Equipment Suppliers: These entities provide machinery and tools essential for the extraction, processing, transportation, and storage of LNG.
  • Material Suppliers: They cater to the demand for raw materials, such as metals for construction, chemicals for processing, and other consumables used in various stages of the LNG lifecycle.
  • Technology & Software Suppliers: Offering digital solutions, automation tools, and software platforms tailored for operations, analytics, and monitoring in the LNG industry.
  • Safety & Protective Gear Suppliers: Ensuring the well-being of industry personnel with high-quality safety equipment, protective gear, and related tools.
  • Service Providers: These might include logistics services, maintenance services, or specialized services like underwater inspections and drone monitoring.
  • Research & Development Suppliers: Offering innovative solutions, prototypes, and new technologies that propel the industry into its next phase of evolution.

Tenders & Procurement

  • Listing Fee: $50 per tender.
  • Success Fee: % of the deal value (charged to the company that secures the deal)
  • Benefits:
  • Connect buyers and sellers in the LNG industry.
  • Ensure a transparent and efficient procurement process.
  • Enhance business opportunities for members.